to help STUDENTS think and express ideas visually.

Cadd@School Advantage

The benefits are twofold, though the focus of CADD@School remains the interest of the students; the institution is also benefited by the program.

CADD@School benefits for students:

  • Travel time is saved as CADD@School is an on-campus initiative.
  • Easy accessibility and proximity.
  • Value for money.
  • Well-defined goals
  • Self-confidence is built as a result of the program.
  • Students are taught to innovate and create
  • Wise investment of time.
  • Logical thinking is developed and creativity nurtured.
  • CADD Centre Certified which is recognized by organizations and industries around the globe.

CADD@School benefits to the Institution

  • Prepares your students for the industry.
  • Holistic skill development of students.
  • Imparts practical knowledge over and above the curriculum.
  • Value addition for the students.
  • USP
  • Certificate of Association
  • Brand image and value of the institute gets enhanced
  • CADD Centre website provides a link to the institutions website.