to help STUDENTS think and express ideas visually.

Welcome to CADD@School - A Novel Concept

Educational Institutions are continuously faced with the challenge of producing citizens that are ready to take on an ever-changing world. CADD@School is an initiative that seeks to aid Educational Institutions with this daunting task at the school level. CADD@School training program is a customized training program that has been framed in such a way so as to equip your students to think, imagine, explore, innovate and create real world products. Classrooms ought to be a digital zone that will enable the students to enter the engineering mindset.

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This mindset develops when the students grasp complex scientific concepts of the school or college curriculum in a practical way. CADD@School remains a value addition program that seeks to widen the horizons of the student without becoming an obstacle to the regular curriculum. The training using our licensed software will take place on campus in a convenient manner for both the student and the institution.

How can parents and schools foster a child's healthy brain development and enhance their learning?

CADD@School is an initiative of CADD Centre Training Services, a diversified global network of creative, engineering and managerial skills institute. It was born out of a single question: “How can parents and schools foster a child's healthy brain development and enhance their learning?”

Enhancing Brain Development in Kids

Childhood is all about learning. The brain and the learning connections within the brain are at the heart of learning for kids to achieve thier aspiration. For instance, when students learn the fundamentals of engineering drawing they learn the concepts of arts, science and analytics that are taught at schools. This early initiation from Cadd@School helps the kid acquire experience, develop skills, and broaden their knowledge by increasing the control of materials, creativity and analytical skills.

Bring a host of creative and professional software courses to the students of your higher secondary school or technical or vocational training institution. Show them the value of being curious. Give them an entry to the world they have never imagined. Let your students excel in their higher studies and future career, harnessing the power of visual thinking.